Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What's that hanging over there?

Is it a plane? 

Is it a twister?


It's a shawl! 

Well, I did know it was going to be a shawl when I started knitting it, but that was all. In fact, this was my latest "mystery project". On Ravelry, that amazing knitters' & crocheters' website, there are constantly mystery knit-alongs and crochet-alongs you can participate in. This means you're told how much yarn you'll need, what the gauge should be, and (most of  the time but not always) what sort of a project you'll be working on (shawl, socks size 38, mittens, jumper size grandpa...) This time I knew I would end up with an asymmetrical shawl in two colors, no lace, but other than that, no details, No pictures, no hints, just row-by-row instructions.

And so you knit along. Every week or two weeks, depending on the project, you get a new piece of information, and little by little, the project is put together.

This patterns was a lot of fun to knit (I loved the blues in my variegated yarn, and I loved the traveling stitches), but unfortunately it's a bit small for me in the end. I mean, it's not SMALL, it is actually big, but it's just not as huge as I like to wear my shawls.

Oh well, it was fun! Now I must find this shawl a new home, though...

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Coco said...

Mais il est tout simplement magnifique ton châle ma petite Liisa!!!... Je suis béate d'admiration devant! Moi et mes ridicules petites cartes, je peux me rhabiller lol (tiens, mais justement un châle, c'est bien couvrant ça hein... ahahahaha) Gros bisous