Monday, October 22, 2012

Withoute longinge

This scene was inspired by a lovely medieval poem (song lyrics, actually) I ran into in the internet. It’s from ca. 1430, in brackets you’ll find translations into modern-day English:






“I have a yong suster [sister]
Fer [far] biyonde the see;
Manye be the druries [gifts]
That she sente me.

She sente me the cherye
Withouten any stoon [stone],
And so she dide the dove
Withouten any boon [bone].

She sente me the brere [briar]
Withouten any rinde [bark];
She bad me love my lemman [sweetheart]
Withoute longinge.

How sholde any cherye
Be withoute stoon?
And how sholde any dove
Be withoute boon?

How sholde any brere
Be withoute rinde?
How sholde I love my lemman
Withoute longinge?

Whan the cherye was a flowr,
Thanne hadde it no stoon;
Whan the dove was an ey [egg],
Thanne hadde it no boon.

Whan the brere was unbred [ungrown],
Thanne hadde it no rinde;
Whan the maiden hath that [what] she loveth,
She is withoute longinge.”

May you all be withoute longinge this week!

Stamp credits: bush – Wildlife Enterprises ; frame – several Artemio stamps ; all others – Third Coast Rubber Stamps
Colored with Copic markers, except the sky & inside the frame with chalks


Sandra said...
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Sandra said...

Ma Liisa, je n'en reviens pas de comment c'est magnifique !!!
Tu pourrais me l'amener "en vrai", vendredi, histoire que je le décortique ? (espionnage industriel !...)

Liisa said...

Eh bien évidemment que je peux, chère Stamping Buddy! Avec tes livres, tout dans un tas.


Haka said...

Wau, kerrassaan upea!

Susan Shuler said...

Liisa, This is fabulous!! I wanted to tell you, my latest issue of Rubber Stamp Madness arrived yesterday and I saw your fabulous art work was on the cover. I knew right away it was yours. You have a wonderful style. I enjoy seeing your work on Third Coast. Your article about the author that goes with it is wonderful too. So very, very creative and gorgeous! What a fabulous idea to go with your beautiful style.