Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Eila hat

I started knitting Eila-hats from left-over yarn some time ago, and when I put them on my Ravelry page, I'd get people asking me for instructions. First I put up approximative guidelines on the project page, but finally I decided to write it out as a real pattern. The hat is very simple, you can use leftover yarn, and since the width of the stripes will depend on the amount of yarn you have at hand, your hat will be unique.

The pattern is available on Ravelry for the moment, I'll have to see if I can create a downloadable thingie here on the blog...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Some people knit heaps of sockes, others are specialized in baby clothes, some in blankets. Most handicrafters seem to have a go-to type of project they always have at hand, one that they can do on long car or train rides, one that they don't necessarily need a pattern for anymore.

My go-to project is chemo hats.

A chemo hat is a hat knit or crecheted from non-itchy yarn (I usually use cotton to be sure), donated through a hospital of a cancer center to a cancer patient. It's a gift, and it is of course up to a patient if they want one or not. These hats are very much in demand (and in offer) in Finland, Germany and the US, Canada too I understand. In the US they are collected by special organisations like the Halos Of Hope, in Germany it is one private person who is taking care of the distribution for all of Germany from her home, and in Finland hospitals call out when they come near the end of their stash, and again private people and some yarn shops do the collecting.

I have a couple of go-to patterns, like the "Voyages beanie" by Shara Lambeth. It's perfect for scraps, and no two hats are alike. I get most of my cotton donated from Amis Sans Frontières, a charity group for baby clothes, they use mostly wool themselves so they redirect some of the cotton they receive to other charities, me, for example. So, whenever I go on a trip, I have little mini-skeins of cotton of about the same weight with me, and I crochet as I travel. The Voyages Beanie, to be knit on the road. Perfect :)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Two big birthdays

Two of my great aunts are celebrating their birthday in September. You sum up their ages and you land near 175 years... They live in an old farm house in the Finnish countryside, take care care of their garden and cats, cook divine food and read a lot. Of course, in winter time, there's less gardening and more reading, and so my mother suggested I knit them shawls as a birthday present.

Said and done, the two sisters will be receiving sister shawls, come September.

Yarn for both shawls: Siena by Wolle Rödel
Patterns: blue: Dark Champagne, red: Kir Royale. Both patterns by Melanie Berg, available on Ravelry)

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Les aiguilles d'or!

I'm part of a knitting group that meets every Saturday morning at a Starbuck's near the old Paris opera house (Garnier). We are people (women and men, because men do knit, too!) of different ages and different backgrounds, who simply get together for a coffe or tea and some handicraft time. The great thing is, if you have a problem with your knitting or crocheting, you are sure to have someone present who can help you figure things out. It's a great moment of sharing!

The first time I met these people was two years ago, and the day happened to be a special one: the group had held a knitting / crocheting contest, "Les aiguilles d'or" ("The golden needles") and the prizes were handed out during the meet. I was so impressed with the work everyone had done and by the sheer beauty of the things created, that I decided should there ever be another competition like this, I would take part in it. And this year there was! The overall theme was baby, plus one category was open for all non-baby projects (you'd have knit adult pullovers competing with crocheted ear rings!) 

 I took part in the baby cardigan category with this (later to be gifted to a friend whose daughter is due in June)

(Pattern: Save the baby whales! by Sargantana Formenterenca, availabl
on Ravelry; Yarn: Veto by Vuorelma)

 And in the "everything else" category with these Latvian mittens! Note to self: stranded knitting with four different colors on one line + knitting two at a time is... well, it's not brave, it's a first class ticket to a nervous breakdown.) (Yarn and pattern: a kit from HaKa for my birthday years ago)


Proud of this achievement, it is actually hard to keep calm and knit on ;)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What's that hanging over there?

Is it a plane? 

Is it a twister?


It's a shawl! 

Well, I did know it was going to be a shawl when I started knitting it, but that was all. In fact, this was my latest "mystery project". On Ravelry, that amazing knitters' & crocheters' website, there are constantly mystery knit-alongs and crochet-alongs you can participate in. This means you're told how much yarn you'll need, what the gauge should be, and (most of  the time but not always) what sort of a project you'll be working on (shawl, socks size 38, mittens, jumper size grandpa...) This time I knew I would end up with an asymmetrical shawl in two colors, no lace, but other than that, no details, No pictures, no hints, just row-by-row instructions.

And so you knit along. Every week or two weeks, depending on the project, you get a new piece of information, and little by little, the project is put together.

This patterns was a lot of fun to knit (I loved the blues in my variegated yarn, and I loved the traveling stitches), but unfortunately it's a bit small for me in the end. I mean, it's not SMALL, it is actually big, but it's just not as huge as I like to wear my shawls.

Oh well, it was fun! Now I must find this shawl a new home, though...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Not only me.

Frida, too, is back. Remember that little girl in a fuchsia dress, the one with an attitude problem? If not, check out the Frida bookmark of this blog, you'll get to know her earlier adventures.

This little scene with Frida saving the sausage (the fête foraine AND the day) was made during a stamping (yes, STAMPING!) session with Sandra this afternoon. Yeah, we're definitely back in action- all three of us :)

Hmm. Things are actually quite busy under the bush in the bottom right corner. Some lousy inking and shaky stamping - what is a girl to do? Start over? NO! Never give up, never surrender! Instead, I'm introducing a new tag: "Cache-misères". Duh.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

I won't even bother to pretend...

.. that I'm back. Come on, I've always been here. You know it. And I've been doing stuff, just not necessarily PAPERstuff like before. A lot of knitting. Some crocheting. A bit of mixed media or rubber stamping.

From now on, no more limits, no more "stamping corner" as in limited to rubber stamping. Instead, you get to see all of it. If you have complaints, address them to Corinne.

Also beware, especially mes copines francaises qui y pensez: this blog shall continue to be written in the most wide-spread language on the planet: bad English. Complain, and you'll find yourselves deciphering Esperanto. Yeah, I'm "cap", as they put it in  French.

So, now that you're all sitting up straight and feeling threatened... what have I been up to?

This (well, my sister got married)

and this (no, it's not my sister...)

and this - my first timid attempts at art journaling:

and this. It's a haiku! "But what does it mean? Just do not change anything... Ah! The perfection!"

Oh, and this.

The last one was today, and it was cool. A workshop with Manuela Jamet at the Paris Scrapbooking Fair. On the program, a mini-album with a bunch of old and new friends. Afterwards, Déjeuner sur l'herbe at the Vincennes Park. NO photos, ladies, we are discreet (even in Esperanto).

And now, off to update the rest of this blog.