Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What's that hanging over there?

Is it a plane? 

Is it a twister?


It's a shawl! 

Well, I did know it was going to be a shawl when I started knitting it, but that was all. In fact, this was my latest "mystery project". On Ravelry, that amazing knitters' & crocheters' website, there are constantly mystery knit-alongs and crochet-alongs you can participate in. This means you're told how much yarn you'll need, what the gauge should be, and (most of  the time but not always) what sort of a project you'll be working on (shawl, socks size 38, mittens, jumper size grandpa...) This time I knew I would end up with an asymmetrical shawl in two colors, no lace, but other than that, no details, No pictures, no hints, just row-by-row instructions.

And so you knit along. Every week or two weeks, depending on the project, you get a new piece of information, and little by little, the project is put together.

This patterns was a lot of fun to knit (I loved the blues in my variegated yarn, and I loved the traveling stitches), but unfortunately it's a bit small for me in the end. I mean, it's not SMALL, it is actually big, but it's just not as huge as I like to wear my shawls.

Oh well, it was fun! Now I must find this shawl a new home, though...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Not only me.

Frida, too, is back. Remember that little girl in a fuchsia dress, the one with an attitude problem? If not, check out the Frida bookmark of this blog, you'll get to know her earlier adventures.

This little scene with Frida saving the sausage (the fête foraine AND the day) was made during a stamping (yes, STAMPING!) session with Sandra this afternoon. Yeah, we're definitely back in action- all three of us :)

Hmm. Things are actually quite busy under the bush in the bottom right corner. Some lousy inking and shaky stamping - what is a girl to do? Start over? NO! Never give up, never surrender! Instead, I'm introducing a new tag: "Cache-misères". Duh.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

I won't even bother to pretend...

.. that I'm back. Come on, I've always been here. You know it. And I've been doing stuff, just not necessarily PAPERstuff like before. A lot of knitting. Some crocheting. A bit of mixed media or rubber stamping.

From now on, no more limits, no more "stamping corner" as in limited to rubber stamping. Instead, you get to see all of it. If you have complaints, address them to Corinne.

Also beware, especially mes copines francaises qui y pensez: this blog shall continue to be written in the most wide-spread language on the planet: bad English. Complain, and you'll find yourselves deciphering Esperanto. Yeah, I'm "cap", as they put it in  French.

So, now that you're all sitting up straight and feeling threatened... what have I been up to?

This (well, my sister got married)

and this (no, it's not my sister...)

and this - my first timid attempts at art journaling:

and this. It's a haiku! "But what does it mean? Just do not change anything... Ah! The perfection!"

Oh, and this.

The last one was today, and it was cool. A workshop with Manuela Jamet at the Paris Scrapbooking Fair. On the program, a mini-album with a bunch of old and new friends. Afterwards, Déjeuner sur l'herbe at the Vincennes Park. NO photos, ladies, we are discreet (even in Esperanto).

And now, off to update the rest of this blog.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Glitter and be gay

Gershwin was right, glitter is the way to go!

Stamp credits: all - Third Coast Rubber Stamps

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gray you say?

I just love the fall. I love the air, the colors.. all of it. Bring it on!

Stamp credits: house with tree - Cherry Pie, Woman, Branch - Third Coast Rubber Stamps

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sorry I'm late

Ha ha, just kidding! Did you really think I’d sleep in and miss out on all the Halloween fun? 

Happy Halloween!

Stamp credits: All - Third Coast Rubber Stamps

Monday, October 22, 2012

Withoute longinge

This scene was inspired by a lovely medieval poem (song lyrics, actually) I ran into in the internet. It’s from ca. 1430, in brackets you’ll find translations into modern-day English:






“I have a yong suster [sister]
Fer [far] biyonde the see;
Manye be the druries [gifts]
That she sente me.

She sente me the cherye
Withouten any stoon [stone],
And so she dide the dove
Withouten any boon [bone].

She sente me the brere [briar]
Withouten any rinde [bark];
She bad me love my lemman [sweetheart]
Withoute longinge.

How sholde any cherye
Be withoute stoon?
And how sholde any dove
Be withoute boon?

How sholde any brere
Be withoute rinde?
How sholde I love my lemman
Withoute longinge?

Whan the cherye was a flowr,
Thanne hadde it no stoon;
Whan the dove was an ey [egg],
Thanne hadde it no boon.

Whan the brere was unbred [ungrown],
Thanne hadde it no rinde;
Whan the maiden hath that [what] she loveth,
She is withoute longinge.”

May you all be withoute longinge this week!

Stamp credits: bush – Wildlife Enterprises ; frame – several Artemio stamps ; all others – Third Coast Rubber Stamps
Colored with Copic markers, except the sky & inside the frame with chalks